Modernize IT with an automated server infrastructure.

Modernizing and automating your data center with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers can help you boost IT agility, save money and gain time for business priorities.
Analysis: Combine server modernization and automation for best results
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This Forrester survey report ― “Insights From Modernized IT: How to Achieve the Greatest Success As You Automate” ― emphasizes the importance of both modernizing your IT infrastructure and automating routine processes to achieve the best business results,including:

  • Faster deployment and service delivery
  • Higher systems reliability
  • More efficient use of IT staff
  • Optimal workload performance

Server modernization and automation reduce costs and boost speed while increasing quality, agility and security.
Server automation delivers public cloud benefits from
on-site infrastructure.

According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a hugly automated, on-site data center can deliver similar speed, agility, cost and scalability as a public cloud. EMA examines ways that PowerEdge servers, managed with iDRAC and OpenManage Software, can accelerate automation and meet 10 requirements for a modern server infrastructure.
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1 A Forrester Consulting Study commissioned by Dell EMC, “Insights From Modernized IT: How to Achieve The Greatest Success As You Automate,” November 2018. Results from a survey of 500 global IT purchasing decision makers and related to IT infrastructure.